People love music. It’s pretty much a fact of life. From mixed tapes to burned CD’s and now the popular Streaming Playlists, we’ve been using music forever to express our feelings or set the mood. And since you can create one for anyone, anytime for anything, my fellow musicians and I decided to try our hand at something a little more… how do we say… unconventional.

Today, March 5th 2016, my friends and music family, Hourglass Independent Records and ReAmp Recording Studios owners, Daniel and Stefani, are hours away from welcoming their new little baby, Nixon, into the world! (A name he will never live down, since he is past his due date.) We all cannot wait to meet the new addition and get our baby fix – even little Hero The Pom is excited to share his birthday with the new bundle! In the mean time, as D & S wait for the BIG PUSH, my fellow musicians and I have put together a Spotify “Push Playlist” containing 16 completely inappropriate songs for the new #BabyBoss’s Birthday. We hope it’s a little comedy relief in between the… ya know, not so funny moments.
Sending lots of love! XOXO

P.S. Help us wish the new parents a safe arrival by commenting below… and just in case we’ve missed a song in our playlist, please feel free to add it below, as well. ♥

In case you’re wondering how you can make a Spotify playlist, it’s really simple.

  1. Log into your Spotify account.
  2. Click on the File dropdown menu and select New Playlist. The playlist will appear on the left side of your screen.
  3. Search for music in Spotify and drag and drop them into your playlist.
  4. Share with the world.

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