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What a Fantastic Evening!! I was honored to sing for the 3rd Annual Hispanic Association of Small Business Gala this last Friday night!

Such a wonderful event meeting so many fabulous people and making new friends!

Hispanic Small Business Association

Happy Birthday Olivia Balldarana!

Mayor of Perris Michael Vargas

So excited to have been invited to sing the anthem at State of the City by Mayor of Perris Michael Vargas








Armando Hurtado

Enjoying a moment with the President of HASB – Armando Hurtado






Wine Country FUN!

Had a blast kicking off a fun Wine’sday afternoon at Ponte Winery. Enjoyed a lovely lunch with kristine from iHeart Radio 945 after our inaugural “Wine Country Taxi with JP & KT” where we “kidnapped” Robert Rankin Walker and traveled around wine country singing our guilty pleasures and talking about upcoming events! Check out the fun here.







Temecula Half-Marathon

Did I mention I started training for the Temecula Half-Marathon coming up on November 12th!?? No…well guess what!? I’m super excited and want to share this so it’ll kind of hold me accountable…Soooo important to encourage your friends to keep you on the right track – training, staying healthy, following through on goals. Map My Run is a huge help – do you have the app yet? So I’m putting this out there thanks to and inviting you to join me on the run – or 5K – whatever you are up for! Let’s do this!!!

Temecula Half Marathon Training




Do you have something in your life that encourages you? Keeps you shooting for your goals? I can’t tell you enough how much I love being part of such an awesome group of people that are changing the world #Arbonne







More fun to come….check back Friday for a Walk Down Memory Lane…so much to catch ya’ll up on!!!!


The HUSTLE is Real!

If I haven’t said it enough…I am beyond thrilled to be part of a company as wonderful as Arbonne! The flexibility it affords me, the people I get to meet, the income I am able to generate….but I think more than anything is the incredible product line I am able to introduce to people. Caring for our skin and body is one of the most important things we can do to help reduce signs of aging, and help us feel good about ourselves! Being a performer, I am constantly looking for products that are more than just great looking, long lasting, and made from quality ingredients – but that help me feel my best which is crucial to my whole being! This last week Team Pearl had a blast at one of our 1st Holiday Bingo Parties for Tasha who is building her new empire with Arbonne – #BossBabesTemecula #YouGoGurl #TeamPearl

Pearl Arbonne Fun Arbonne Party Team Pearl Arbonne Party Party Time Arbonne Team Pearl Arbonne









So-Cal Fair 2017!

It was awesome to meet so many of you at the So-Cal Fair last Thursday in Perris! Thank you for coming out to enjoy the sights….sounds…and smells of one of my favorite local fairs!! I was so excited to sing with the best guitarists and accompanists in the valley – Kelly Cowan especially on his birthday! Check out more of the birthday celebration fun further down the page…it lasted all week – lol!So Cal Fair Joanna PearlJoanna Pearl Fans


Happy Birthday Kelly Cowan!!

Seriously you guys…I could sing with Kelly every day! This last week was a huge celebration of him, his talents, and his birthday – all week long…so happy to share in the festivities at Franklin’s Cove!

Kelly Cowan-Team Pearl Kelly Cowan-Joanna Pearl-Cove





I am so incredibly honored to be singing our #NationalAnthem Sunday, October 8th at the 2017 @susangkomen #InlandEmpire Race For The Cure held in #Murrieta! Will you be there? 🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀 Come see me after I sing between 9:30AM-12PM a MEET AND GREET for autographs, pictures & nutritious giveaways sponsored by Arbonne Independent Consultants! (Booth 23) @1111kmt1111 @nannies_arbonne @syl_star @jaclynzarp 🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀 Photo and graphic credits: @gjukatmedotcom … … #JoannaPearlWorld #BossBabe #BossBabeSistas #PearlNation #CEO #Snapchat 👁JoannaPearl👁 #singer #songwriter #Arbonne #jetsetter #entrepreneur #columnist #writer #independent #music #musicislife #vocalist #youtube #vlogger #blogger #dogtrainer #fitness #fitspo #noexcuses #queen #followme #woman

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I have the best support group ever! #TeamPearl was in full force Sunday morning at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Murrieta! Truly honored to be able to sing our National Anthem to kick off the big race. We were so blessed to be able to introduce 100’s of people to the benefits of Arbonne Fizz Energy and Protein Shakes! Excited to follow up with everyone to share the #ArbonneExperience!!

Komen-Murrieta Arbonne Joanna Pearl
ROTC Murrieta Pearl-Signning Randon Lane-Murrieta-Joanna PearlAnthem-Joanna PearlElias Shoes-Murrieta





Repost from Hero The Pom‘s Instagram:

So yesterday I went to get a check-up with my cardiologist at @vca #SanDiego… It was a long car ride and when we got there ai was very nervous. Dr.Shoo who performed my surgery was not there, she just had a baby… so I met with some of her doctor friends. I was very nervous as they were listening to my heart, but the doctor said with a big smile on her face “That’s going to be the most boring heart beat I will listen to all day!” ❤️They took me to get another echocardiogram to look inside my chest and see how everything is doing… they brought me back to my mommy and we waited for the results. SUCCESS! MY HEART IS FIXED!!!! Dr.Shoo and her team have saved my heart and said that I should live a very normal and long life! I was relieved to hear the news and was exhausted on the trip home. Mom stopped by and got me so treats and a new toy for being a good boy. I am so excited to finally finish out my #TherapyDog certification and start visiting people in the hospital very soon!!! Mom says I have to have one more little surgery to get fixed… hmmm I wonder what she’s talking about? Anyways, I’m going to go now and play with my brother and sister ❤️🐶🐾🐾

#HeroThePom #Temecula #PDASurvivor @ Temecula, CaliforniaHero-the-Pom



















What a Week!

WoW – Crazy week! Something happened almost every day or night of the week last week…can you say THANK YOU Arbonne FIZZ Sticks!!! I don’t know how I’d get through without ’em…LoL!!


Joanna Pearl-WCMA

How cool is this!! The Temecula Education Foundation is sporting this awesome vehicle that Dwight Arnold from Radio945FM and I want to jump in and take for a spin too!!! Big props to Deadline Media, Inc. on the wrap job!! They created this with Golden Crown Productions to help promote this years’ first WCMAwards show happening at Wilson Creek Winery on Saturday November 5th in Temecula, CA, In support of the Temecula Education Foundation. So excited to be on the Board for the WCMA’s to help promote the amazing local talent in the valley! Don’t miss a great show – Tickets available for the Wine Country Music Awards on 11/5 at Wilson Creek Winery…click here!!


#BossBabe…San Diego!

Tooo funny – I have been using #BossBabe forever so it was exciting for me to team up with some of the founders of the movement in San Diego at the cutest DIY creative studio & event Space – Mint Studios! So many sweet nooks and crannies…It was awesome to see so many gals gathered in one spot to celebrate each other’s businesses, accomplishments, and zest for life! Stay tuned to learn more about a possible #BossBabeTemecula Coming Soon!!BossBabeTemecula


Imagine Dragons Tour!

I know you’ll find this hard to believe…but this was only my 3rd or 4th concert in my life…I know – Crazy right!? I have to say there isn’t a better place to enjoy a concert from than in the pit! Not exactly sure how we got there, but the concert gods were smiling down on us!!! Imagine Dragons put on a fantastic show!! It was really neat to watch the face of ID’s lead singer’s mom as she watched her son performing…she’s in pink left of me and behind my friend Kristine who photo bombed me in this pic… :o)Imagine Dragons 2017

Get Shamrocked…

One of my most favorite things to do is sing our great National Anthem! I have been honored to perform for the incredible crowds at The Get Shamrocked Irish Festival in Murrieta for Paul and Graham since their 2nd year in 2012. This year was especially memorable with the dedication of the Cullen Connolly stage. This sweet little boy was a huge fan of the Young Dubliners.THE MAHONES,Gaelic Storm ….Celtic music was his big passion. The Cullen family were guests of honor this year to watch every band play on The Cullen Connolly stage to honor his memory and make sure he lives on through the music. Read more about Cullen’s story here.

get shamrocked

Backstage fun with Quel Bordel

get shamrocked 2017- anthem singer Joanna Pearl - Get Shamrocked 2017 Murrieta Get Shamrocked Anthem Joanna Pearl Joanna Pearl Anthem Singer Thank you Cy Rathbun for being a great photog at the event!! backstage-getshamrocked joanna pearl-anthem

Here’s what in store this week:

Thursday October 5th – join me at The So-Cal Fair!! Kelly Cowan and I have been ramping up rehearsals for a great show at 5:15pm on the Community Stage Hosted by Golden Crown Productions  Lake Perris Fairgrounds: Address: 18700 Lake Perris Drive, Perris, Ca   so-Cal Fair

Sunday October 8th – I’ll be singing the Anthem once again for the Inland Empire Susan G Koman Race for Cure in the Murrieta Town Square. Swing by my booth say HI!! I’ll have some great merch on hand along with some of the new Arbonne product as well!!

I LOVE singing our National Anthem!

Anthem Singer…

One of my favorite things to do is sing the #NationalAnthem because I LOVE our country, and am so thankful for those that serve. I feel so blessed to be invited by Internationally recognized organizations such as #SusanGKomen to perform for them! 🙏🏽 This past Sunday morning I sang for the Orange County Race for the Cure held in #Irvine and on Sunday, October 8th I will sing for the #InlandEmpire race in #Murrieta! See below for more live performance dates… like #GetShamrocked festival Saturday 9/30 in Murrieta, and some crazy fun at a San Diego Padres game where I got a foul ball!!!! Please Follow my #InstaStory for behind the scenes FUN at some of these great events!

Inspirational Women!

Marica Pendjer-JoannaBeing a part of something as wonderful as the OC Race for the Cure – is amazing! I loved meeting a few of the 20,000 participants, survivors and their support teams…it was truly inspiring. Seeing a whole host of #Arbonne products being given out in the VIP area of the race continued to solidify my feelings for this great company and their commitment to others.

I really wish to thank those behind the scenes who make it all possible – especially Marica Pendjer the Volunteer Coordinator for this year’s event…Thank you Marica – I hope to be part of this inspiring event again next year! I had so much fun capturing the excitement and emotion of the day…I hope you enjoy these snapshots from behind-the-scenes!!!

joanna pearl










Luck of the Irish

Joanna Pearl-Anthem

#GetShamrocked 09/29-30 Murrieta!

Excited for this weekend’s 2017 #GetShamrocked Festival on the 29th and 30th at the Murrieta Town Square. I’ll be singing the National Anthem Saturday at 5:30pm, right before Enter The Haggis!!! Check out this great article from the Press Enterprise – Top 5 things to do at this year’s #GetShamrocked Festival! It’s gonna be a blast…see you there..!!




Take Me Out to the Ball Game…Go Padres!

My next big wish…singing the Anthem at A Padres or Angels game!!! Padres BaseballBig thank you to one of my BFF’s Elyse for “Taking me out to the ball game…!”  Can’t believe we caught a Foul Ball…well….sort of! Elyse said she would duck if one came our way – I said no worries I’ve got your back! Sure enough….bottom of the 2nd a ball bounces from the upper deck and literally heads to the seat next to her! A guy in the section next to us almost fell over the rail  trying to get to it! It hit his hand…hit my hand and literally fell into the seat next to my friend – who true to her word ducked! LoL… The guy and I both scramble to the ball – he’s all the way over the fence now – I’m like “dude…really!?” So I stand up without the ball and he’s looking all proud…I’m thinking “whatever” as Elyse stands up with a pair of sunglasses in her hand…yup – the guys sunglasses fell on the ground as she was ducking! So she held them up as if to say “Trade!?” You guessed it – WE GOT THE BALL!!! But it gets better… The guy’s girlfriend was so pissed she was yelling “I CANT BELIEVE THAT YOU GAVE THE BALL TO THOSE GIRLS WHEN YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND SITTING RIGHT HERE!!!” Like literally 5 times in a row! LMAO!!!! Long story short…I saved my best friend from a ball while breaking up a couple (they left the game…lol – so I think we actually saved him from a life of crazy’ville!) the best part – we were on the big screen AND TV!!! Oh yeah – Rockies beat the Padres 8-4.

This Friday I’ll be sharing more of my adventures over the last year…hope to see you back here then!!


Been A While…

Holy Free’holies…has it really been since March of 2016 since I’ve posted anything here…YIKES!!!? Totally understand when people say “time flies”… Since I post everything on my social media sites (and I do mean everything…lol)  I need to figure out how to make it automatically populate here…workin’ on it!!!

So not to bore ya’ll with a litany of things – here are links to my different Social Media pages in case you are curious as to what the heck I’ve been up to since last time you stopped by. Forgive my want to chronicle my life, but it’ll be pretty cool years from now – if I ever have kids – for them to be able to laugh at the crazy things that happened in life…but more importantly – looking back on things actually re-inspires me…It’s kind of like a fun public picture journal!!

In the Meantime…My Social Pages…If you’d like a quick catch up on all things happening in my world…

Instagram Stories: @joannapearl

Facebook:    Joanna.Pearl.Music

Quick recap of my absolute most favorite things that have happened since March 2016… :o)

I was beyond #Blessed to be able to do a mini-European tour! It was incredible, and I can’t wait to do it again!! It kicked me in the butt to build out my own studio in my home which in turn allowed me to have a very cool radio show #MyJamTVRadio on the mighty @EnterTalkRadio! It has been crazy fun to spread my wings in this arena…I LOVE it and can’t wait to do more!!!

I learned some guitar with School of Rock Temecula – which has been crazy cool in my songwriting!

Speaking of Songwriting…I’ve actually won a songwriting contest!! Which got me really excited to share and collaborate withsongwriters workshops others, so I teamed up with the award winning Gary Johnson – British songwriter, producer and composer, and we have what we think is an amazing Songwriters Workshops program that we will be bringing to a city near you…soon!!!

There are sooooo many other things I am excited to share with you, like my trip to New Orleans where I heard some awesome music…and the time I met Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas!! How cool is it that he came out to talk about his career for his niece’s class. That’s an awesome career day! Lucky me, I got to shoot some pics for @thevalleynews and talk to him about music!!

Club 33 Ohhhhh…Did I mention I turned 33 and celebrated at Club 33 Disneyland!? Oh my gosh…never thought I would get to do something like that especially celebrating with my Grandpa – such a wonderful experience!!

There will be more…I know what the #PowerofPositiveThinking can do guys…I hope you do too! Thanks for visiting today…come back every Wednesday & Friday for more updates and Throwback stories!!

Making It Reign Teddy Bears

Make It Reign

The Ontario Reign has asked Joanna to sing the National Anthem at their December 3rd game, which just so happens to be their annual Teddy Bear Toss Game. The Teddy Bear Toss Game benefits the Inland Empire’s Toys For Tots program.

Toys for Tots is a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas.

Joanna has decided to go all out in supporting this game and program by working to get her fans and supporters to back her in this endeavor. She is working to raise money through Sponsors in order to purchase more Teddy Bears that will be thrown out at the game.

If you or anyone you know would like to sponsor Joanna for the game or even just donate towards the cause you can find out more about it here.

Spotify Push Playlist

People love music. It’s pretty much a fact of life. From mixed tapes to burned CD’s and now the popular Streaming Playlists, we’ve been using music forever to express our feelings or set the mood. And since you can create one for anyone, anytime for anything, my fellow musicians and I decided to try our hand at something a little more… how do we say… unconventional.

Today, March 5th 2016, my friends and music family, Hourglass Independent Records and ReAmp Recording Studios owners, Daniel and Stefani, are hours away from welcoming their new little baby, Nixon, into the world! (A name he will never live down, since he is past his due date.) We all cannot wait to meet the new addition and get our baby fix – even little Hero The Pom is excited to share his birthday with the new bundle! In the mean time, as D & S wait for the BIG PUSH, my fellow musicians and I have put together a Spotify “Push Playlist” containing 16 completely inappropriate songs for the new #BabyBoss’s Birthday. We hope it’s a little comedy relief in between the… ya know, not so funny moments.
Sending lots of love! XOXO

P.S. Help us wish the new parents a safe arrival by commenting below… and just in case we’ve missed a song in our playlist, please feel free to add it below, as well. ♥

In case you’re wondering how you can make a Spotify playlist, it’s really simple.

  1. Log into your Spotify account.
  2. Click on the File dropdown menu and select New Playlist. The playlist will appear on the left side of your screen.
  3. Search for music in Spotify and drag and drop them into your playlist.
  4. Share with the world.

NAMM 2016

I’m so excited for NAMM 2016! Especially because this year I will be performing with some amazing artists for the Tim Moyer Song Round with Josh Logan from The Voice & Sister Speak on Saturday, January 23rd 2016 at 3PM on the NAMM Marriott Stage! Accompanying me will be the awesome Kelly Cowan of LifeTime Rocker! We hope to see you out there… No badge needed… OPEN to the public!

Help me choose what to wear for my NAMM Performance! Check out the pics and vote below!

What Should I Wear For NAMM 2016 Performance?
Off the shoulder fringe red top?
Deep V white collared button down?
Poll Maker

Four years and one day ago, I attended my first NAMM show. This was how I felt afterwards…

New Year, New Look, New Blog!

3…2…1… Happy… mid January?! Happy New Year to you! Time is flying but I hope 2016 is treating you well… I know my new year is going great so far… And since “New” is the “New Black”… Here’s to a New Year, a New Look and a New Blog… Welcome to Joanna Pearl World!

If you have been following since the release of my debut EP, then you know that things have been a gigantic roller coaster full of amazing things. I truly feel fortunate for all of it. The truth is, there is a lot that goes into the making of an independent artist… there are many talented people that help run this ship while I juggle titles. That’s why I came up with this concept, Joanna Pearl World blog… The objective, share with you what is going on in my World and what inspires me and highlight the fabulous team of experts (that I get to call friends) and share tips and tricks with you from them! Some experts include personal trainers, make-up & hair stylists, professional athletes, CEO’s, and of course musicians! You just never know who might show up in a post! Or where we might travel to! All things Joanna Pearl… are you ready for the ride!

Before we jump into the first entry, I wanted to take a moment and tell you that I appreciate you. Thank you for following along in this crazy, exhilarating journey that I get to call my career!

NOW… the first glimpse into Joanna Pearl World

Have you ever had a crazy idea like cutting your hair and/or completely changing the color? Not like Britney “Shears” to the head crazy, but ya know… CHANGE! Well, that just happened! WHAT?! Yep… I found a picture I absolutely loved and texted it to the head of my ‘Glam Squad’/stylist/hair expert Jenn of Anasa Hair Studio in Temecula, Ca… and before I knew it I was sitting in her chair; her with scissors in hand and a huge smile and me with a glass of wine needing a little liquid courage to jump into the, what I am calling, Blunt and Blonde! Not sure why I was nervous, after all it was my idea and I knew I was in good hands with Jen. It’s so fun to try something new 😉

So… you want to see? Here ya go! And please feel free to comment below and tag on Facebook 🙂 Jenn is awesome!




Channeling the beauty gods! See the wine glass? LOL Thanks Madison for waiting on me 🙂


And through the magic of technology…


3 hours becomes seconds…


and presto!


The NEW look!

Hair and Make-Up by Jenn Foerster, Anasa Hair Studio, Temecula, Ca.


I had to test the new tresses with the straightening iron…

Photo on 1-15-16 at 6.12 PM



 A quick SHOUT-OUT and BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Anasa Hair Studio for being ranked in the Top 200

in the Nation by Salon Today! You guys rock!

If you have never been there, men or women, you are missing out!
Book today and make sure to tell them I sent you 🙂
Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 1.15.34 AM

Hair Details:
Aveda Invati Shampoo & Conditioner (Awesome trio-treatment for your hair!)

Music Is Life Published in UK Magazine

Happy birthday month to me! I’m really excited to get to share with you my very first published column in Headliner Magazine UK titled “Music Is Life”! This has been a project in the making for several months now. I feel blessed to be working with such an amazing team spearheaded by Editor in Chief, Paul Watson, who I have to personally THANK from the bottom of my heart for encouraging me and putting so much faith, trust and belief into not only me as an artist but this role of a writer documenting my journey for not only the world but also to help shed some light on the indie pathway. Sometimes I have to pinch myself at all the amazing stuff I get to do… I truly am so thankful and I only hope that it all continues… Here we go… Click on the cover below and it will open to a large view of the magazine… Of course you should read the entire mag, but in case you’re wondering, page 12 is the “Music Is Life” column. Enjoy! (*Note: Currently Headliner Magazine is available in digital format everywhere and in print in the UK. Coming soon to Barnes and Noble September 2015!)

Hey! I’m Joanna Pearl… Thank you for coming by to check out my World 🙂 Professionally I’m a singer-songwriter, but there are lots of things that I do and that go into the making of my music career like Fashion, Exercise, Eating Healthy, Community Outreach, Travel, Writing, Creating, and of course lots of Music! I’m always looking for new experiences and I hope you follow along as I share them all with YOU! XOXO Joanna Pearl

Click Here To Purchase Joanna Pearl’s Award Winning Debut E“Sensitive Material”

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