Holy Free’holies…has it really been since March of 2016 since I’ve posted anything here…YIKES!!!? Totally understand when people say “time flies”… Since I post everything on my social media sites (and I do mean everything…lol)  I need to figure out how to make it automatically populate here…workin’ on it!!!

So not to bore ya’ll with a litany of things – here are links to my different Social Media pages in case you are curious as to what the heck I’ve been up to since last time you stopped by. Forgive my want to chronicle my life, but it’ll be pretty cool years from now – if I ever have kids – for them to be able to laugh at the crazy things that happened in life…but more importantly – looking back on things actually re-inspires me…It’s kind of like a fun public picture journal!!

In the Meantime…My Social Pages…If you’d like a quick catch up on all things happening in my world…

Instagram Stories: @joannapearl

Facebook:    Joanna.Pearl.Music

Quick recap of my absolute most favorite things that have happened since March 2016… :o)

I was beyond #Blessed to be able to do a mini-European tour! It was incredible, and I can’t wait to do it again!! It kicked me in the butt to build out my own studio in my home which in turn allowed me to have a very cool radio show #MyJamTVRadio on the mighty @EnterTalkRadio! It has been crazy fun to spread my wings in this arena…I LOVE it and can’t wait to do more!!!

I learned some guitar with School of Rock Temecula – which has been crazy cool in my songwriting!

Speaking of Songwriting…I’ve actually won a songwriting contest!! Which got me really excited to share and collaborate withsongwriters workshops others, so I teamed up with the award winning Gary Johnson – British songwriter, producer and composer, and we have what we think is an amazing Songwriters Workshops program that we will be bringing to a city near you…soon!!!

There are sooooo many other things I am excited to share with you, like my trip to New Orleans where I heard some awesome music…and the time I met Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas!! How cool is it that he came out to talk about his career for his niece’s class. That’s an awesome career day! Lucky me, I got to shoot some pics for @thevalleynews and talk to him about music!!

Club 33 Ohhhhh…Did I mention I turned 33 and celebrated at Club 33 Disneyland!? Oh my gosh…never thought I would get to do something like that especially celebrating with my Grandpa – such a wonderful experience!!

There will be more…I know what the #PowerofPositiveThinking can do guys…I hope you do too! Thanks for visiting today…come back every Wednesday & Friday for more updates and Throwback stories!!

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