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One of my favorite things to do is sing the #NationalAnthem because I LOVE our country, and am so thankful for those that serve. I feel so blessed to be invited by Internationally recognized organizations such as #SusanGKomen to perform for them! 🙏🏽 This past Sunday morning I sang for the Orange County Race for the Cure held in #Irvine and on Sunday, October 8th I will sing for the #InlandEmpire race in #Murrieta! See below for more live performance dates… like #GetShamrocked festival Saturday 9/30 in Murrieta, and some crazy fun at a San Diego Padres game where I got a foul ball!!!! Please Follow my #InstaStory for behind the scenes FUN at some of these great events!

Inspirational Women!

Marica Pendjer-JoannaBeing a part of something as wonderful as the OC Race for the Cure – is amazing! I loved meeting a few of the 20,000 participants, survivors and their support teams…it was truly inspiring. Seeing a whole host of #Arbonne products being given out in the VIP area of the race continued to solidify my feelings for this great company and their commitment to others.

I really wish to thank those behind the scenes who make it all possible – especially Marica Pendjer the Volunteer Coordinator for this year’s event…Thank you Marica – I hope to be part of this inspiring event again next year! I had so much fun capturing the excitement and emotion of the day…I hope you enjoy these snapshots from behind-the-scenes!!!

joanna pearl










Luck of the Irish

Joanna Pearl-Anthem

#GetShamrocked 09/29-30 Murrieta!

Excited for this weekend’s 2017 #GetShamrocked Festival on the 29th and 30th at the Murrieta Town Square. I’ll be singing the National Anthem Saturday at 5:30pm, right before Enter The Haggis!!! Check out this great article from the Press Enterprise – Top 5 things to do at this year’s #GetShamrocked Festival! It’s gonna be a blast…see you there..!!




Take Me Out to the Ball Game…Go Padres!

My next big wish…singing the Anthem at A Padres or Angels game!!! Padres BaseballBig thank you to one of my BFF’s Elyse for “Taking me out to the ball game…!”  Can’t believe we caught a Foul Ball…well….sort of! Elyse said she would duck if one came our way – I said no worries I’ve got your back! Sure enough….bottom of the 2nd a ball bounces from the upper deck and literally heads to the seat next to her! A guy in the section next to us almost fell over the rail  trying to get to it! It hit his hand…hit my hand and literally fell into the seat next to my friend – who true to her word ducked! LoL… The guy and I both scramble to the ball – he’s all the way over the fence now – I’m like “dude…really!?” So I stand up without the ball and he’s looking all proud…I’m thinking “whatever” as Elyse stands up with a pair of sunglasses in her hand…yup – the guys sunglasses fell on the ground as she was ducking! So she held them up as if to say “Trade!?” You guessed it – WE GOT THE BALL!!! But it gets better… The guy’s girlfriend was so pissed she was yelling “I CANT BELIEVE THAT YOU GAVE THE BALL TO THOSE GIRLS WHEN YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND SITTING RIGHT HERE!!!” Like literally 5 times in a row! LMAO!!!! Long story short…I saved my best friend from a ball while breaking up a couple (they left the game…lol – so I think we actually saved him from a life of crazy’ville!) the best part – we were on the big screen AND TV!!! Oh yeah – Rockies beat the Padres 8-4.

This Friday I’ll be sharing more of my adventures over the last year…hope to see you back here then!!


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