EP Release Recap

EP Release Recap

It's really hard to believe that months of preparation has come and gone within a few hours... But I can honestly say, it was worth every single minute. I still cannot believe the turn out, as well. I feel utterly blessed and my heart is so thankful. There are so many photos going around (by the way, thank you for tagging me and #SensitiveMaterial on Instagram, Twitter and FB; loving them and trying to repost all). Here's a little "timeline" of pics... More about the event below...

The Radio Shout-Out

I received a pretty awesome surprise the day of the release! Thanks JP for the two Shout Out's over the air on 101.3FM The Mix! So awesome of you!

  • Shout Out from The Mix 101.3FM by JP Raineri

The Location

Wilson Creek Winery

Wilson Creek Winery (Photo credit: Scott Sanders)

Learn more about the sponsor Wilson Creek Winery below.

So much was going on Sunday, we didn't capture many pics and vids until right before I came downstairs... here's a short selfie video!

The Red Carpet

We were so lucky to have my friend and Hollywood photographer, Bob Delgadillo snapping pics of us on the red carpet. He has informed me that he will donate $1 of every photo sold to my benefit charity, Michelle's Place! Scroll down to the bottom to get the link to see all the pictures he shot at the party!

Thank you to local photographer, Cy Rathbun for his work on the red carpet, as well.

Just me at my debut album release party...

Cy Rathbun, local Temecula photographer, on his first red carpet taking a picture of me. Thanks Bob Delgadillo for this fun pic!

Love these girls so much! (Left to right: Amy Watson (founding member of Michelle's Place), Jennifer Foerster (Hair/Stylist), Myself and Bekha Silva (Make-up) #GlamSquad

Myself and Survivor Star/ Founder of Reality Rally, Gillian Larson

Me and Lindsay Caruso!

Looking back at the red carpet (Photo credit: Scott Sanders)

In the beautiful, candlelit Wilson Creek Barrel Room

Me and Maddy from Chaparral High! (Photo credit: Marichelle Damasco)

The Benefit Charity

The charity I chose to donate to for this event was Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center. My Gma, Joan Moreci, passed in 2005 of breast cancer. She was my biggest fan, so it only seemed natural to have my debut album release party benefit a cause with such a correlation. They are doing some awesome things and I encourage you to visit their site and find out more about what they do for the women and men affected with breast cancer and their families.

Kim, Me, and Michelle's parents, founders Bill & Marilyn Watson (Photo credit: Amy Watson)

Thanks for the feature in the Michelle's Place Newsletter!

The MC of the Evening

MC/Comedian, Leonard Holloway (Courtesy photo)

This guy! SO awesome... the glue that held the performances together! Awesome job Leonard! Another talent in the valley!

The Opening Acts

Hmmm... maybe this should have been called "Temecula's Got Talent" because all three opening acts were awesome and homegrown! Thanks so much Lindsey, Julia, Justin and Nathan... everyone loved your performances.

I would like to give a shout out to my good friend Gavyn Bailey, who was admitted to the hospital with some medical problems the night before the event and could not open for us. Get well Gavvy! <3

Singer/Songwriter, Lindsey Carrier (Photo credit: Frank Rodrick)

X-Factor's Julia Lucius (Photo credit: Frank Rodrick)

X-Factor & Next Great Family Band's, The Brewer Boys, Nathan and Justin Brewer 
(Photo credit: Bob Delgadillo)

The Performance of Sensitive Material EP

Joanna Pearl (Photo credit: Frank Rodrick)

Joanna Pearl (Photo credit: Cy Rathbun)

Background singers Lindsey Carrier and Brianna Parish (Photo credit: Frank Rodrick)

Singing "What's It Gonna Take" (Photo credit: Marichelle Damasco)

Band stage pic (Photo credit: Bob Delgadillo via www.snapped4u.com)

Band... you guys rocked it! Thank you for working so hard to make my songs sound amazing! (See below for link to all the bios and links to my backing band)

Somehow this crowd got in my picture... heehee

The Special Surprise!

THIS! Simply amazing. I want to thank my team for surprising me with the best cake ever... So awesome that it had my album cover on the top! AND the entire party received desserts from a delicious bakery in Temecula called Truly Madly Sweetly (who I later found out catered the green room at the Oscars! WHAT!) Thank you so much for bringing my event over the top!  I HIGHLY recommend their beautiful and tasty treats!

Okay so I wasn't quick enough... but this was awesome! Thank you again <3

The Meet & Greets and Post Show Pictures

Some of the Chaparral Voices and I and Lindsey Carrier (Photo credit: Marichelle Damasco)

Signing CD's at the table (Photo credit: Bob Delgadillo)

She's adorable! (Photo credit: Bob Delgadillo)

Post-show selfie on the red carpet with Robert Walker (owner HeyDay Productions), Kim Goodnough (Michelle's Place) (Photo credit: Kim Goodnough)

Love this guy! With producer/engineer/owner of ReAmp Studios, Daniel Martin.

Me and my friend/actor, Ryan Christiansen

The Instagram Re-posts

Me and my friend/LA Hair & Make-up artist, Nicole Lee LaGrange

Thank you Brianna for your kind words... Keep dreaming and believing. Work hard and you will accomplish your dreams :) XO JP

The 12AM YouTube Thank You

Once upon a time, in a canyon by a lake, there was a little girl with a dream to become a singer. While other kids were outside playing, she sat in her room and played the radio. She memorized all her favorite songs, and belted them out into a hairbrush pretending she was on stage in front of a big audience. This girl loved to write, too, and even won some young author awards. But she was so shy, and it took her a long time before she would sing for a crowd. But once she did, it was like lighting the Olympic torch! And that fire stayed lit, burned bright and she carried it across the finish line...

True story. And, as embarrassing as they were, so were all those stories that my friends told you on stage! Looking back at that little girl, I wish I could tell her so many things... but most of all that your heart will never lie to you... and that "sometimes that little voice cannot sing above the noise" so step away from it all and reconnect with yourself... and as different as you are, stay confident and true to yourself.

Sunday night was perfect... a dream breathed into life! For me, this is my greatest achievement. A graduation day of sorts. It was beautiful to see everyone smiling and having a good time. I feel so blessed to work with such amazing producers, engineers, musicians, writers, have such talented friends and not to mention, be surrounded by so many people that love and believe in me. There is a story behind it all, but for now, I will let the music do the talking.

Everyone has been asking me, "Now that the album is done, what's next?"... LOL, well, I guess you need to stay tuned to find out ;)

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Thank you again to everyone that has been part of this enormous project. None of this would have been possible without your love, support and encouragement.

Don't forget... every photo ordered from Bob will raise $1 for Michelle's Place! Click here to see all the pictures that Bob took!

Check out my backing bands bios here!

SHOUT OUT to Robert Walker with HeyDay Records for making the opening acts, myself and my entire band sound amazing! Thank you! XO

Click the picture to see all the pictures Bob Delgadillo took.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to my sponsors:

Truly Madly Sweetly

Pink Flamingo Media

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CD Unboxing

I cannot believe how emotional I am right now. I knew I would feel something but I'm just on a roller coaster of emotions. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support and love and sharing my videos and ... EVERYTHING! I did not show you the inside because that is for you to enjoy in person. I hope you will come and celebrate this milestone with me at my Red Carpet EP Release/Birthday Party Sunday, August 24th 2014... More information on the event here: http://joannapearl.com/joanna-pearls-debut-ep-release-party/

Pre-Order Sensitive Material on iTunes and AmazonMP3 NOW!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sensitive-material-ep/id903951196

AmazonMP3: http://www.amazon.com/Sensitive-Material-Joanna-Pearl/dp/B00M7E2UFA

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OCHF Red Carpet Showcase

August  9th & 10th

Prelude to the songwriting showcase was the first ever two-weekend OCHF Songwriting Camp! This time my group members were: Dee Carpenter, Britney McGuffie, myself & Audrey Callahaun aka "BAD J". Here are some pictures of us writing our new song "Thoughts Tonight" in our room.

My group with the very talented Publisher, Susan Roc.

August 16th & 17th

After a week of tweaking and conference calls, we met back up on Saturday and received a critique off of a rough draft stage performance from producer Thomas and Susan. The very next day, we walked the red carpet and after posing and speaking to media, started to prepare for the performance, which would take place in front of a panel of industry professionals (including The Lumineers Manager... no pressure). It was a blast and we even received an "Honorable Mention" from the panel.

"BAD J" on the red carpet...

Right before we went on...

Robbie you crack me up...

The set list...

Group photo...

With the brilliant, Susan Roc.

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Joanna’s Interviews – Aug 8th & Aug 17th

Australian Radio - SWR.ORG

On August 8th, Joanna was interviewed by Brendan Leggett with SWRFM radio. You can listen here:


Chords and Vines - LA Talk Radio

On August 17th, Joanna was interviewed by Kat Ellis and Joe Mullenix from Chords and Vines with LA Talk Radio. You can listen here:


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